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Paybuddy Terms & Conditions Page

The agreement is b/w paybuddy and End USER (where paybuddy is referred as “We”) and End USER (is refereed as “user” or “customer”). Paybuddy is a mobile app for users of INDIA only. Paybuddy is manged and operated by MS3media Pvt Ltd. We generate various reports from the operations which can be used to provide insights to our clients for operations and product development.
Any Offer Tasks done or submitted by end users for and under the guidance of paybuddy or its clients are subject to independent contractor relationship. Therefore both parties approves to following:

Agreement – This agreement consist the relationship of self-governing contractor b/w paybuddy and users, with user as contractor and paybuddy as contractee, tasks and offers are offered by various means on rotational basis. User can choose to accept and reject the various offers, user shall understand that paybuddy may share your details with clients whose offers they choose complete to earn rewards.

Rewards – Earning of rewards on completion of task or offers are completely based on numbers and quality parameter reports received by paybuddy from advertisers. We are not liable rewards / Cash not credited to user account/wallet due to bugs in the paybuddy system, due to internet connectivity issues or any other factors. Credited rewards will also expeire / forfeit in 30 days of inactive period. In other words, if user does not visit paybuddy App for 30 days the wallet amount will expire. Also, paybuddy is not responsible for failed or unsuccessful redeem by users and not liable to repayment for same.

Restriction of Rights – End users have not right to impasse, force or obilige paybuddy in any manner, involving in representation, written ot oral.

Differences – In case of any difference or disputes end user oblige to the agreement, or failure to perform, or the case may be, user have to work together with paybuddy in effort to resolve the same. User cannot hold responsible paybuddy for any claims, demands, suits and liabilities, including costs or any other fee.

Registration, Password & Security – Whenever you give any data on our Website/App, you agree to: provide correct, sincere, current and complete data and maintain and directly update such info to stay it correct, sincere, current and complete. If you offer any info that’s, or we’ve got affordable grounds to open that the data is, false, wrong, not current or incomplete, zip-pocket could unexpectedly terminate your access to website or App and refuse any and every one current or further use of our website or App.

Termination – Paybuddy or End user may any time terminate the agreement for any reason or without any reason, Paybuddy and end user shall deal with each other on fairly in case of agreement termination. End user should further understand that after termination, user will not be eligible for any awards / rewards. Paybuddy can also terminate user account without any prior information if user is found promoting referral links on facebook, google play or any public properties with intention of misleading or spamming nature.

Breach Of Pact – User have to understand and agree that any breach or speculative breach by user may cause damage’s to Zip-pocket which are difficult to check or quantify, therefore Paybuddy have adequate rights to restraining user from paybuddy services. Paybuddy may exercise the judicial action against the user for the harms sustained by user and user agrees to pay all losses and damages results thereof, as well as court cost or any other fee.

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